Just like learning art and design at the University of Art London,
Are you interested in taking one-on-one online lessons with skilled nail technicians?


●Introducing the head instructor●


ARS Cinderella Nail School head instructor

Creator of the CDL Nail Tips

Representative of ARS association

Elletoile Dress designer


*Kyoto University of Foreign Studies

*University of Arts London

●Experiences as a designer●

*Stage costume designer

*Takami Bridal, Wedding collection for Nozomi Sasaki and Sumire, designed dress and accessories

*Styling assistant at Paris Fashion Week

intoroducing ms.taeko shimizu

●Characteristics of ARS Cinderella Nailist School ●

◆Completely online!  Attend from home!  On your own schedule!

◆You can take lessons when you come home  after work or even on weekends!

◆A comprehensive program with an affordable price!

◆4 Steps to acquire techniques and skills

•Textbook assignments

•Checking assignment 

•Online session

•Checking your piece of work

◆One-on-one lessons with the teacher who graduated from University of Arts London and learn authentic art!

core value of our school

●We originally invented Cinderella Nail Tips●

☆You can become a Nail technician that makes 3D Perfect Fit Cinderella Nail Tips 

●A magic that makes customers and the nailist happy and abundant!

We originally invented Cinderella Nail Tips

【Applied for a patent】

●These nail tips are customized for each individual by taking their nail shape using our special shape molds.

●Perfect size and curve that fit tightly to your nails

●Supporting women’s success by connecting work-from-home nail technicians and women who love to wear nails whenever they want to!

cinderella nail tip

●The one and only online nailist school, ARS Cinderella Nailist School ●

Perfect for today’s work and lifestyle, attend an online nailist school from home! Because it is a business model that puts the nailist first, we can offer a comprehensive program that is affordable and easy-to-begin!


●Characteristics of ARS Cinderella Nailist School ●



Prices are subject to change depending on the exchange rate at the time.

●How to enroll●

Choose the curriculum that fits your level and goals.

If you would like to diagnose the curriculum that best fits your level, please take the Level Check Exam.

If you are considering taking the Intermediate Curriculum or higher, you must take the Level Check Exam. (There is a special offer for students who enter the school within the specified time frame.)

Beginners and intermediate level nailist certification or above can enter the school without taking the exam.

If you would like to try a lesson before entering the school, please consider a trial lesson (limited time offer). Please contact us for details. (There is a special offer if you enter the school within the specified period.)


If you are interested in taking the course, please contact us!