Molding kit Special deal

limited for first 5 foreign people! Free shipping!

¥5500(about $47/depends on the rate) within 3days-10wk or so

  • Please send back in 2weeks after receiving the kit.
  • The cost for finger models making is included.
  • it comes with instructions in detail with photos. You can also watch the video and learn how to take impressions of your nails properly.
  • extra materials are included.
  • tools for preparation are included.
  • Returning fee is excluded.


  • Simple one color-$51
    • including 10pec of little rhinestones
  • Simple two color-$55
    • including 10pec of little rhinestones
  • Simple decollation-$67 Lines/gradation with glitter/hologram
  • 5 arts-$76designs on 5 fingers + one color. special parts
  • Full arts-$107
    • including Ombre / French /Paint
    • exclusive special ornaments/gems
  • extension for finger models – $42
    • once you pay for this, you need only $4/each finger for extension for next order and after.
  • additional arts – $8
  • additional special ornaments- depends

<recommended GLUE > both types are removable by soaking in hot water about 15mins.

  • Quick-drying Glue $6.5
    • you can quickly wear nail tips. you need to apply them quickly. Sticky.
  • Prep type Glue $6.5
    • you can apply it on nail tips and leave until when you wear them. it takes time to let it dry if you don’t use dryer.

●International shipping●($4~$21)

your shipping fee depend on your addressee. We check it when you order.


  • to New York/LA etc. – EMS2400yen/3days, international ePacket1410yes/1wk(with tracking No), Small packet1010yen/1wk(No tracking), SAL1160yen(with tracking No)
  • to Korea – EMS1400yen/3days, international ePacket870yes/1wk(with tracking No), Small packet550yen/1wk(No tracking),
  • to Europe – EMS2450yen/3days, international ePacket1030yes/1wk(with tracking No), Small packet720yen/1wk(No tracking), SAL880yen/2-3wks(with tracking No)
  • South Africa- EMS2400yen, international ePacket1180yes/1wk(with tracking No), Small packet850yen/1wk(No tracking), SAL710yen(with tracking No)
  • Arab- EMS2400yen/5days, international ePacket1030yes/1wk(with tracking No), Small packet720yen/1wk(No tracking), SAL620yen/2-3wks(with tracking No)

●How to purchase●

  • Please read NOTE.
  • buy the molding kit first. We prepare for shipping to deliver as soon as possible

Molding kit Special deal

limited for first 5 foreign people! Free shipping!

  • Send your order form. Our online receptionist will contact you, reconfirm your order with you and send you invoice via PayPal.
  • after your payment, we send you the molding kit. 2-3weeks to ship after receiving your molds.


    Our products are all handmade so we need your understanding for handmade products. /We do our best to grant your request but we can’t copy designs or colors from photos completely. /If your molds are not proper, nail tips won’t fit on your nails perfectly. /CDL nail tip must be put on nail to leave 0.5mm gaps between skin and nail tips. Please adjust the size with a nail file, if they are too fitted./You could see glue slightly if you order nail tips with translucent colors. For the same reason, we don’t accept non-colored(clear) designs. In that case, we paint sheer skin color instead./They are order-made so you can’t cancel the order after it is confirmed./ We need your cooperation to confirm your order in detail./Thank you for your attention and understanding. Now please order CDL nail tips and enjoy the new experience 🙂