core values of our school

In comparison to other schoolsAt ARS Cinderella Nailist School,Very affordable price so anyone can start easily

Our instructors have researched and designed a full curriculum so that anyone can become successful! A great volume of techniques to learn!

→We provide guidance on the necessary way of thinking to achieve your goals!

→Our administrative staff and student support are reliable and courteous!

Just like this, ARS offers a wide range of services that are not available at most schools.

It is perfect for those who have given up on learning because of their busy schedule!

You can learn nail techniques online at your own pace.

You can check your assignments by mail, photo, or video.

No need to commute to and from school!

No need to dress up or put on makeup for the commute!

You can take a lesson or work on an assignment whenever you have free time!

Use the time you spend on the train or waiting at the store to check out educational videos!

You can also have your kids around while you take lessons ♪

Online school, no worries!

Our instructors will guide you through these 4 steps to acquire the skills and support you until you are able to do it on your own.

≪Four Steps≫

①Textbook assignments

②Checking assignment 

③Online session

④Checking your piece of work

Because it is a business model that puts the nailist first, we can offer a comprehensive program that is affordable and easy-to-begin!

You can study at home in your free time, so even people with small children or people who find it difficult to go to school can learn! Those who have completed the curriculum at the school can also work as Cinderella nailists, while making Cinderella nail tips at home.

The school has a wide variety of students from teens to people in their 50s, including students, people who work full-time, and mothers who are raising children. We also offer lessons on weekends and evenings to make it easier for our students to learn!

You can learn nail art without changing your current lifestyle, and with no pressure.

Learn authentic nail art from a University of Art London graduate!

If you want to learn nail art, ARS Cinderella Nailist School is the place for you!

Gently and carefully, we’ll make sure to produce something that’s unique to you!

By becoming a certified “Cinderella Nailist”, you can take on the job of making Cinderella nail tips and work from home.

Students will learn not only the skills as a nail artist, but also the important way of thinking in order to make the most of their skills and live a rich and abundant life.

At ARS Cinderella Nailist School, you can enjoy learning at your own pace with an original curriculum that is tailored to each individual’s level and preference.

【3D Perfect Fit Cinderella Nail tip】Applied for a patent

Looks like gel nails! They function as false nail tips!

Perfectly fitting gel nail tips made from molds.

Originally developed for people who can’t do their nails on a regular basis and for those who can’t work at a salon.

You will also learn how to make CDL nail tips and how to work with them.

66%-100% of the tip revenue goes to the nailist! The nailist-first system that ARS can offer!

A New Way for Nailists to Work☆Cinderella Nailist

“I want to work at home, but it’s difficult to run my own salon.”

“I’m not good at customer service, but I love doing nails.”

“I want to earn money by doing nails without working at a salon!” etc.

Cinderella Nailistss, who make Cinderella nail tips, have made a new way of working possible!

Would you like to become a Cinderella Nailist?

If you are interested in taking the course, please contact us!