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【What does ARS mean?】

【A】Artistic workers/people with artistic skills and talents

【R】Realead = to lead to the realization of “who I want to be”/ Lead a happy and prosperous life (self-actualization) through work and occupation that utilizes one’s personality and talents.

【S】Support / Continue empowering

The ARS Association supports people to live an abundant life by utilizing their artistic sensibilities and talents.


Prices are subject to change depending on the exchange rate at the time.

How to enroll

Choose the curriculum that fits your level and goals.

If you would like to diagnose the curriculum that best fits your level, please take the Level Check Exam.

If you are considering taking the Intermediate Curriculum or higher, you must take the Level Check Exam. (There is a special offer for students who enter the school within the specified time frame.)

Beginners and intermediate level nailist certification or above can enter the school without taking the exam.

If you would like to try a lesson before entering the school, please consider a trial lesson (limited time offer). Please contact us for details. (There is a special offer if you enter the school within the specified period.)


FAQ Online ARS Cinderella Nailist School


A. Absolutely!

You can see a close-up view because the instructor’s hand is directly above the screen.

It is easy to check the details like the students’ brush strokes so you can get precise guidance from the instructor.

If you are interested in taking the course, please contact us!