Please contact us through the school’s official Instagram or message for any inquiries not listed here.


Q. Is it easy to learn online?


A. Absolutely!

You can see a close-up view because the instructor’s hand is directly above the screen.

It is easy to check the details like the students’ brush strokes so you can get precise guidance from the instructor.

All your works are photo-checked and you can also send in your work by mail (when necessary). After we check your actual work, we will provide you with further guidance!

Q. What are the advantages of taking online nail school lessons?


①You can learn in your spare time without going to school.

②One-on-one lesson! so you can learn at your own pace

③Easy communication on line for questions, etc.

④Easy to see each other’s hands, etc.

You won’t waste your time commuting, putting on makeup or waiting for your classes☆

Watch the videos when you have time.

Finish your practice assignments.

And reserve a lesson at your convenience♬

Q.What are the disadvantages of online nailist school?


① If you are new to ZOOM, you need to install it.

→ We will carefully explain how to use the system as many times as possible🍀

②Hands can’t be seen through the screen.


→You can get used to it after the first or second lesson.

③ Poor internet connection causes technical issues.

→In that case, we will switch to a LINE video call.

④There are some parts that cannot be fully checked in a video call.

→Some points will be taught in detail in the teaching material videos and lessons.

 Videos allow you to check the steps from many angles.

 Also you can check each part larger than real size♬

Q. Is it necessary to purchase textbooks and materials?

.You don’t need to buy the equipments from us.We are going to send tha pictures of equipments that you need to buy so you can find something similar in your country.

If you willing to take longer (up to about one month),we can send materials from Japan by sea.

Q.What are the payment methods? Can I pay by credit card or in installments?

A. The following payment methods are supported.

 Account transfer [Japan Post Bank, Sony Bank, Rakuten Bank] ⇒ Payment in installments is possible. For details, please contact us through our official Instagram account.

 Card payment [Credit card payment using Paypal] => one-time payment

Q.What happens if I want to change the date or time of a reserved lesson, or if I have no choice but to miss a lesson?

A. If you contact us, we can change the date and time to one that is as convenient for you as possible.

Q. At what pace should I take the course?

A. The pace of the course can be adjusted to suit each individual’s goals and desires. You can complete the course in the shortest amount of time or take your time. On average, most students complete one curriculum in two to three months.

Q. How can I start working as a Cinderella nailist?

A. In order to work as a Cinderella nailist, you must complete the 【High Intermediate Curriculum】 and receive 【ARS Cinderella Nailist Certification】 (Beginner/Intermediate assessment at the final level check for the curriculum).

Those who have received this certification will be able to work as Cinderella nailists and receive orders for Cinderella nail tips from ARS. Cinderella nailists can receive 66% of the tip price as a creation fee.

Those who wish to become a Cinderella nailist who can receive a large number of orders need to make their own sales efforts and develop their own business. The school provides curriculum and support for this purpose as well so there’s no need to worry!